So Worth Loving

Love People.


We have been promoting a lifestyle change called, "Love You. Love People." For the past few weeks, we have been sharing stories and pictures of ways to learn to love ourselves. 

It has been such an impacting and wonderful journey to partake in with our family!

Since we spent two weeks on loving ourselves, we are moving on to the equally as important second half of our motto.

It’s now time to learn to love people. 

We are in a society that is craving for the next ‘in’ thing. Right now, it’s in to accept the curves and wider hips that one has, and know that they are just as hot as anyone else. Even though that is absolutely true, we as a company felt that there has been a 180 degree turn around where now there’s a dislike for ones who are not structured that way. 

We can’t just love who we are and hate how everyone else looks. We were made uniquely for a reason… to not be so boring!

Looks are not the only thing that we are stressing here, though. Anyone that has affected you in a negative way somehow, or anyone that you have loved to hate for the sake of keeping the loathe load off of yourself, deserves to be loved

You are another person to someone else too. 

As we continue this lifestyle change, start really making a difference in the world by showing love to others. 

We’re a family here. Let’s love each other. 




If you asked me what my biggest fear is, my response is automatic:


How many times have I striven for success and decided to change the plan because of fear? How many times have I followed this fear?

Learning bit by bit that not only does failure not define me, but success doesn’t either. You are not either a success or a failure. You are a person; a person deserving and capable of love.

Don’t follow fear. Be free to make mistakes and be free to be successful.

Once you love yourself, success and failure become just a part of you; and you will feel free to love others, failures and all. 

For our lifestyle change called, “Love You. Love People., we are sharing stories about loving ourselves this week. If you relate to Lindsay, or you have a different story to tell, we want to read it, and you never know: 

You could impact someone else’s life. 

Love you. Share you. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram, share your words, and tag #loveyoulovepeople

Life’s Too Short To Hate Who You Are


I used to think I wasn’t allowed to feel good about myself. It wasn’t always even my weight. I was too physically and socially awkward; too quiet and introverted. I wasn’t good enough at the right things. I never felt comfortable in new situations. I wasn’t brave enough. I’ve never had a girl like me back. And because I wasn’t confident enough, no one ever would.

It’s been a long road, and one I’m still traveling. But one of the hardest, most surprising lessons I’ve learned is that it is possible to love myself. I’m allowed to like me, and to think I have something to offer people. It’s not self-centered or egotistical, and it’s vital to our survival. Love has to come from within.

You can’t really love people without loving yourself.

And though it’s nice when someone recognizes you for who you are, it won’t make up for you not liking yourself. Life’s too short to hate who you are. It cuts off so many things for you, and cuts off everyone else from what only you can offer. 

This month we are encouraging everyone to share their stories, like Douglas’, of learning to love themselves. Go to Instagram and tag #loveyoulovepeople to share yours. 

It’s time to love you.

I Put Everything Into Relationships


For much of my life I have been hurt by those I cared about so deeply. I have put everything into relationships with those I love, but ended up being lied to and mistreated.

  • These people have left me with scars of worthlessness and pain that used to haunt me daily.

I have realized lately that I am not doing anything wrong. Others can hurt me as much as they want but I’m done letting them bring me down. You will not silence my love for myself or others.

So Worth Loving has taught me so much about loving myself and how beautiful that is. They have pulled me into their family of love and community when the world and my friends told me that I wasn’t good enough. They have reminded me daily to pick my head up and smile on the days when its the hardest.

Remember that no matter how others mistreat you, you are so loved. You are strong, beautiful, and you can do this.

I love you. 

We are sharing stories this month, like Kayley’s, and we want to hear yours! Share yours with a piece of advice and hashtag #loveyoulovepeople on Instagram! 

Advice from Josh


The message of worth is not only good for the feminine soul, but for the masculine one as well.

Harmed by sexual abuse as a child, I know deeply the mark of shame it can leave and how marred your sense of self can become. The journey to healing is difficult (mine is years in the making) still, I offer these two keys:

Light and Community

What is left in darkness will never heal. Don’t try to figure out if it was your fault. Someone needs to hear your story and you will need the support of loved ones to heal.

There is certainly no shame in that. 

- Want to share your story? Take a picture of yourself on Instagram, share your word-love, and hashtag #loveyoulovepeople. You really don’t know who you could impact while also showing someone that they are not alone. Loving yourself does not discriminate with gender, race, size, anything.

All it needs is you

"Hope is real.

- Anonymous lover of you from Wednesday’s post

Hope is what will keep you going. During our Love You. Love People. lifestyle change, our goal is that you will find hope and light in your doubting. 

You are so worth loving, and we want you to see how deserving you are of love. 

Give yourself a chance. 

Even if you feel like you are at your end, hope is there. 

Grab it. 

Keep it. 

Live it.

You are awesome, so start seeing what we all see. 

So I'm working on taking care of myself, finding my inner self, not taking negative criticism to heart, and overall loving myself. But at the same time, I am trying to love others as well. But there are some people in my life that I am trying to hold onto so closely and love, but they keep bringing me down from loving myself. Tearing me apart at times. Love you, love people. But letting go of the toxins out of your life, and loving yourself is morally acceptable, right? I'm struggling.

Asked by hellokhalle

Halle, so so glad you reached out! This is such a great question. Know we are so proud of you for working on loving yourself and people. In order to influence you have to be strong in yourself so that you may not be dragged down. To get to a place where you are not negatively impacted, you have to let those toxic relationships go because they reopen a wound and you never properly heal. It is not that you don’t love them or forgive them but you recognize you need to invest in yourself so that you aren’t impacted by those that inflict pain. In the end having a balance of people that can pour into you so that you may pour into others is what you want to work toward! The power of negative influence disappears because your mental state is healthier and you are able to not allow them to hurt you. You are confident in your boundaries and in your limits. Keep trekking. It’s not easy but you can do this!!

Proud of you! 

SWL team