So Worth Loving

DIY Glitter Shoes!

I once heard a quote “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” Initially, I thought to myself “Wow those must be some pair of shoes!?” However, I started to think a little deeper into it.  The right pair of shoes makes us feel sexy, confident, and even fancy.  It’s not necessarily the shoes, but the feelings associated with the shoes.  So what better way to boost your confidence and self love than by a kick butt pair of shoes?! Here is a formula (that you can try on any shoes) that will allow you to conquer the world, demand respect, and remind yourself of the strong individual you are!


Modge Podge glasse finish

Glitter- beware black glitter is harder to work with!!

A pair of shoes

Foam paintbrush

Water Proof Shoe protector

1. Mix the glitter and the modge podge in a bowl! Make sure you use more glitter than modge podge!

2. Start painting the mixture on the shoes with the foam paintbrush.  (If there are laces involved, make sure you take them out first) Wait 20 minutes before applying the next coat.

3. For the second coat, I poured some of the glitter directly on the shoes and packed it into the gaps with the left over glitter glue from before.  Do you best to make the coat even and smooth! Do as many coats as you feel necessary!

4. Once the shoes are dry, do a coat of just the modge podge (no glitter) and after they dry then make sure you spray them with water proofer to seal the modge podge and glitter into the shoes!

5. WEAR WEAR WEAR- Conquer the world in your new kicks! AND don’t forget- You are So Worth Loving <3


Photos- && my own pictures!