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Savannah, Ga: W E  A R E  C O M I N G  F O R  Y O U
Be around on the 26th of this month, and come hang with us!
We will be partying it up pop-up show style at One West Victory, and it’s free to get in!
So get your get your arms ready because we are so stoked to hug and get to know you guys!  High-res

Savannah, Ga: W E  A R E  C O M I N G  F O R  Y O U

Be around on the 26th of this month, and come hang with us!

We will be partying it up pop-up show style at One West Victory, and it’s free to get in!

So get your get your arms ready because we are so stoked to hug and get to know you guys! 

I Was A Slave To Significance

I was a slave to significance; at least it was what I thought significance was.

I always felt that significance was earned from others. I would constantly live out any lifestyle that would bring me closer to acceptance. If everyone gossiped, so did I. If everyone drank, so did I.

  • Whatever it took to find significance, I would do it.

It was like I had the mentality similar to a theory of existence: You only exist if someone else notices that you exist. You can’t actually prove you exist without someone else confirming that. 

Therefore, I can only be significant if someone else tells me so, thus making me matter.

With that said, I became a slave to everyone I came in contact with.

Thanks to the help of So Worth Loving, I have found my significance, and it was right under my nose the whole time. 

I am unique. I have talent and gifts. I am intricately made. I am the only one that looks like me. 

I am significant before anyone else notices it.

I am free from enslavement. 

To the heart that this speaks to: Don’t let the want for significance keep you captured from seeing what you have to offer to the world. Get rid of the want because you already have it, and you have a lot of it. 

We are not for sale. We are so worth loving.

Written and loved on by our very own blog editor: Karlye Hayes

Yelp: LIVE at Tabernacle, Atlanta | Events | Yelp

We are so excited and honored to be a part of Yelp: LIVE, and we want you to join in on our excitement! 

Be at the Tabernacle in Atlanta from 7-10 PM on August 9th, and check out what surprises we have in store for you guys! 

Surprises wait for you, and it’s F R E E  to get in! 

See ya there! 

Feature Friday (Featuring: Taproom Coffee)

We are definitely enjoying featuring our family over at Taproom Coffee. This amazing coffee shop (that also offers craft beer) has basically become our home every week for our meetings, as well as any other time in the week when we feel like being greeted with smiles.

Located in the heart of Kirkwood, Taproom is fairly new, opening up just last March of 2014! Even though it hasn’t been too long, business has been booming at this establishment, and an abundance of regulars have already claimed this as their home along with us. 

Their coffee, from the Counter Culture roasters, is absolutely on point, and is always served with perfection from the beautiful and hysterical baristas. Don’t let their charm fool you, though. They have been majorly trained in the coffee and beer field, and they know exactly what they are doing to a T.

Thanks so much, Taproom, for allowing us to bombard your house with our loud laughs and good times, and thank you for serving up the best quality in everything you do!

Do you need a coffee house to call your home? Go to their website for directions and more information. You certainly will not regret your delightful time hanging out with these guys.

Feature Friday (Featuring: Danger Press)

Located in Atlanta, Ga, our family has reached our favorite screen-printing shop, Danger Press.

At DP, they always have the best intentions when helping us make our virtual designs become realities. They are more than helpful, and have loads of colors and styles that you can choose from, ensuring that your design, color and all, will be uniquely yours.

For a company that has worked with CNN and even MTV, we are so honored that we have been able to learn and grow intentional relationships with these awesome delights. Because of them, our personality has shown even more through our clothing items. 

They are the best, and we are so glad to have them be a part of the SWL family

If you are in need of anything screen-printed whether it be tees, posters, fabrics, etc., Danger Press is the place for you! Go online at for more information, and to get started on sharing your version of love to the world. 



I recently started a new chapter in life, a chapter that some people love, while others fear it. 


Getting a job with my favorite clothing store + brand is a dream come true, and with only two weeks in, I have learned so much about myself and the ability for others to (unintentionally) make me feel like I need to change everything about myself. 

 (A little bit of back story); the only jobs I have had have either been in offices, or coffee. Complete opposites, but I was mostly used to the coffee world - you could wear anything as long as you made a killer cappuccino. 

 The first day of this new job was like the first day of a school year, but I wasn’t picking out my outfit for the first impression of my classmates, but the first impression of my fashionable co-workers. Getting there and meeting them, I didn’t feel like I fit in simply based on how I dressed, my hair, even down to my make up. I hadn’t felt this way in years. I felt the need to go shopping right away, get my hair done, I was in a panic. 

Let me clarify though, the girls at this new job could not have been more loving + welcoming, and did nothing to make me feel this way. It was all in my own head. But why? I wasn’t hesitant to compare myself right from the start and feel intimidated because I wore a different style jean than someone else. 

Getting stuck in traffic seems to be when I get the most thinking done, and I kept asking myself why I felt this way. What was the source? I felt like I was confident with myself, so why did that slip the second I walked through the door? I also know, I am not the first or the last person to feel this way. 

We’ve all felt the pressure from the fashion industry, make up industry, or really any industry that we allow to alter our appearance; but why make these negative things when they can be fun, creative outlets!

Be you with what you wear, have your hair a mess, wear make up or don’t, just be creative and be you.

It doesn’t matter what is in, or what other people are wearing, as long as you love it and are confident in it. 

Written and loved on by Xanna Kidd

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