What is Beauty?

It’s the way you smile.
It’s your captivating talent for telling a story.
It’s the way an intriguing idea changes your expression.
It’s the infectious laugh that makes you adorable.
It’s your quest for answers to curious questions.
It’s the time you put in to make the world a better place.
It’s the way the morning sun lights up your face.
It’s your ability to listen with grace.
It’s the lines on your face that define your character.
It’s your passionate, compassionate love of life.

Alima. Be your beautiful self.

This new collection "Let Them Eat Cake" is gorgeous. I loved using this collection. It made my eyes feel so mysterious and pretty. All of their products are light weight and this collection definitely is. No matter how much you put on your eyes will not fill heavy.

Devil’s Food is the deepest brown shimmer and I used it to line the eye, but you can use it to create a smoky look when you want more drama. Angel Food is a honey-golden shade - I used this as a base all over and then used the Strawberry Shortcake (sweet, pale pink with fine shimmer) to highlight my brow and The Red Velvet is a medium brown that has a definite red undertone and subtle shimmer, that I used for the crease of my eye.