So Worth Loving

I’ve Struggled with Depression and Anxiety


Learning to love myself despite all my struggles and flaws has helped me to love others through their struggles and flaws.

Having struggled with depression, and still struggling with anxiety, I have come into contact with so many people who I get to share my story with. I get to be a voice of hope to people who have none because I can say,  ”Hey, I’ve been there, but look where I am now.”

I get to tell people that if they keep pushing through, that they will find joy.

I get to tell people that they are worthy of life and of happiness. Because now I believe it for myself.

If you’ve overcome major struggles in your life, I just really want to challenge you to share your story. It’s a scary thing to do, but it will give you so many opportunities to love others.

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Love, Mack

In order to truly embrace someone else, we have to be embraced too. Use the love for yourself to strengthen the love towards others. 



I recently started a new chapter in life, a chapter that some people love, while others fear it. 


Getting a job with my favorite clothing store + brand is a dream come true, and with only two weeks in, I have learned so much about myself and the ability for others to (unintentionally) make me feel like I need to change everything about myself. 

 (A little bit of back story); the only jobs I have had have either been in offices, or coffee. Complete opposites, but I was mostly used to the coffee world - you could wear anything as long as you made a killer cappuccino. 

 The first day of this new job was like the first day of a school year, but I wasn’t picking out my outfit for the first impression of my classmates, but the first impression of my fashionable co-workers. Getting there and meeting them, I didn’t feel like I fit in simply based on how I dressed, my hair, even down to my make up. I hadn’t felt this way in years. I felt the need to go shopping right away, get my hair done, I was in a panic. 

Let me clarify though, the girls at this new job could not have been more loving + welcoming, and did nothing to make me feel this way. It was all in my own head. But why? I wasn’t hesitant to compare myself right from the start and feel intimidated because I wore a different style jean than someone else. 

Getting stuck in traffic seems to be when I get the most thinking done, and I kept asking myself why I felt this way. What was the source? I felt like I was confident with myself, so why did that slip the second I walked through the door? I also know, I am not the first or the last person to feel this way. 

We’ve all felt the pressure from the fashion industry, make up industry, or really any industry that we allow to alter our appearance; but why make these negative things when they can be fun, creative outlets!

Be you with what you wear, have your hair a mess, wear make up or don’t, just be creative and be you.

It doesn’t matter what is in, or what other people are wearing, as long as you love it and are confident in it. 

Written and loved on by Xanna Kidd

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What Do I Have To Offer?


You know what’s hard?

When you write for a company that promotes being worth loving and yet you so often forget your value.

It’s not just me. It’s so many of my friends as well.

We so often forget that as individuals we have so much to offer the world.

I believe that it happens most often when we are “rejected”. I use this term very loosely because I think it carries a lot of weight and connotation that is negative. What I mean is that any time the person doesn’t want to date you any longer, or the job you really want doesn’t feel you’re the right fit, it becomes a very personal experience. It’s as if we lose perspective and the understanding that our value and self-worth is not impacted by the person we are dating or the job that we are doing.

 We all have a story to tell, a journey we are on, an impact we will make on this world. Your story will be written one day at a time by the actions you take and the ways you respond to life’s circumstances. The journey will often only be seen in hindsight and yet the steps we take day by day carve the path that leads to our future. The impact made by you may not be seen by you, but know that your life counts.

I know that in that moment when the boy goes “you know I’m really more interested in you as friends” or the HR Manager at Company ABC sends you the email which always begins with “Thank you for your application and interest to our company, but…” I can often take it as failure.

It’s time that we stop this thinking and instead take these moments not as signs of failure or rejection, instead we see them as gates leading us to a better fit, a bigger opportunity, a place where we can flourish.

I’ve learned that simply because someone may not want me doesn’t mean I’m not lovable. I’ve learned that because a job is not mine only means that there is something where I’m better suited to and where I can make a bigger impact.

Every time I’ve been “rejected,” another door has opened. It’s only when I look back that I see what I have been protected from or the benefits of where I am now.

Our minds are powerful instruments. Next time someone, be it a boy, a girl or an HR Manager, sends us a “Thank you, but no thank you letter” let that not make us feel like ‘less thans’, but see it as an opportunity to say “heck yes” to something better.

We are so worth loving.

Written and loved on by Michelle Plett

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Breaking Free From The Lies


I look out the window to see the beautiful sunshine. While there is new evidence that spring is emerging around my little home in the woods, I can’t seem to get past the reflection that is looking back at me. I see a young woman who is tired and worn by lies that penetrated her soul for years. I can see the bags under my eyes from another restless night’s sleep, consumed with memories I would like to forget. In the midst of this inner battle, there is a glimmer in my eyes that is becoming brighter as each day comes. I am starting to shed off the lies one by one and unveiling a new and stronger version of myself.

Words have the power to mold and shape those around us. Sometimes people shoot their words out like verbal daggers, never worrying about the slow, bleeding wounds they leave upon their victim.
When you have a constant flow of hurtful words thrown at you daily, it becomes harder and harder to not let them define you.

  • When it is all you hear, you begin to believe the lies, the ones that tell you that you’re ugly, or will never amount to much because you don’t deserve it. You give up, you shut up, and you sit nicely and become your enemies’ marionette. 

We have to learn to cut the strings, to break free and let go of not only the hurtful words, but the people who have opened their mouths and continually and intentionally brought us down.

The hardest thing I have ever done is realizing that sometimes you have to hit that block button. You have to stop answering the phone calls, and stop returning to that place of hurt. Other people may tell you that burning bridges is not forgiveness, or that you are being dramatic, but stand strong. You can choose to forgive those who have verbally abused you, but that does not mean you have to continue to be their friend, their partner, or even involved family member. This isn’t your incapability to take a joke, or a sign of you being weak. If words have brought you down to rock bottom and have caused you to believe you are worthless, they are nothing more than lies.

They may hurt your core, but they are not your truth. Carrying those wounds for years will only suck you dry of any life you have inside of you. It is time to let go.

For me, learning to let go has been a long process spanning of years of tears and self-searching. Finding that strength like a warrior is not something that happens over night. It is a process of acceptance, of action, and of letting go. It takes time, but eventually the rubble will be moved and I, as well as you, will see the sun again.

You are worth it all. You are worth loving, worth seeing your dreams turned into reality, and worth seeing the beauty that radiates from your core. That is the truth that is trying to shout over the ones that tell you the opposite. Search for it until it becomes so loud that it drowns out the doubts. You are worth the time it will take to finally break free.

Written and loved on by Ali Hightower

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Eating Disorder and Self Love

"I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice. I’ll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder… to learn to love myself again, exactly as I am." -Ke$ha

We admire and support your decision Ke$ha. You are beautiful and learning to appreciate yourself is honorable. Keep going, keep fighting, and know you are worthy of love. #swlfamily

Love, Eryn

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